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Our Vision for Education

Heritage International School is built on lofty ideas as envisioned by its founders.
Igniting love and respect for humanity and enviroment.
Stimulating intellectual, physical & emotional aspects of life.

The campus is fully equipped with world class infrastructure, international standard sports infrastructure all Hi-tech class room and state of the art laboratories. Other highlights are:

  • Providing students with world-class education with a firm grounding in traditional ethics.
  • Empowering students to develop critical and creative thinking styles and enable the realization of potential.
  • Emphasizing on the three essential aspects of the learning process Research, Documentation & Presentation.
  • Allowing children to learn at their own pace and progressing through the three levels of Enrichment, Improvement & Excellence as per their abilities.

All activities are conducted keeping in mind four facts:

  • If students cannot learn the way we teach them, we must teach the way in which they can learn.
  • There are no learning disabilities only teaching disabilities.
  • Students do not fail in a curriculum, it is the curriculum that fails student.
  • Teaching styles have to be designed to meet learning styles.