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  • Since parents and teachers have a common goal of bringing into children an all round development of personality, physical, mental and moral, we appeal to the parents for their full co-operation in all matters concerning the education of their children.

  • We lay as much stress on physical and moral aspects of the personality as on academic aspects. Children are trained to develop in them gentlemanly qualities like kindness, sympathy, courage, conviction, straight forwardness, truthfulness, confession of guilt, concern for others, adventure, stamina, dignity of labour, adjustment to odd situations and so on, through a series of activities/events on play ground/in class room and all the places within or outside the school campus, which must be followed even when children are at home during vacation.

  • Parents are advised to see that good habits pertaining to studies, morality, food and health which are taught in the school are continued when children are at home.

  • They should encourage their wards to be self-reliant and participate in the co-curricular activities.

  • Parents are requested to observe the rules of the School and accept the amendments made whenever necessary. HIS reserves the right to delete/alter revise the contents in the PTL Book at any time.

  • If the parents have any grievances/suggestions to offer, they are welcome to write to the Principal/Wing Coordinator or meet them in person.
  • It is recommended not to ask leave for the child for any social functions like marriage/religious rites/rituals and so on when the session is on.

  • Do not pamper your child with presents or money

  • Please co-operate with the school authorities and staff in enforcing school rules and discipline, observing that your child studies regularly at home, comes to school regularly and timely, maintains a continuity in his/her school work and effectively takes interest in the school activity.

  • Please see your ward’s PTL book everyday and follow the Wing Coordinator's/Teacher's remarks and messages. Please sign as a proof of it.

  • As an integral part of education, tours and excursions will be conducted for the students. Parents are requested to encourage their wards accordingly.

  • Parents must lodge an FIR in case the original transfer certificate is lost. The TC will be issued only on producing a copy of FIR, cutting of newspaper & payment of Rs. 100/-

  • It is obligatory on the part of the parents to come to the School for every PTM to discuss the academics and all round progress of their wards

  • Parents should not meet their wards or teacher in the school without the prior written permission of the Principal

  • Parents should meet the Principal/Administrator in the office during meeting hours (10.00 to 12.30 pm) Kindly refrain from meeting them at their residence or in off time.