• Students should reach the school 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time.

  • School timings are tentative & are subject to change as per govt / official orders.

  • Sub juniors (KG – I) have classes from Mon to Fri & Saturday is a holiday for them. But Remedial classes are conducted on Saturday to facilitate learning.

  • Students should be sent to School only when he/she is physically fit and is in a position to continue till the classes are over to avoid inconvenience of calling the parents to take the child back home immediately after their arrival.

  • Action will be taken against regular late comers. If a junior student comes late by 2nd trip or a senior student (VI-X) goes early by 1st trip, it will be considered as half day leave.

  • No parent should send any application through the student asking for early dispersal. In case of any emergency the parents should come to pick up their children or send a person with an authorization letter to pick up their ward.

  • The timings for PTM and other HIS functions should be strictly followed as no teacher will entertain any parent after the given time

  • Punctuality and Time management is expected from every HIS member, i.e. parents, students, teachers etc.