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HIS provides bus facility on the request of the parents who unanimously voiced their inconvenience in dropping their child to school and requested the school to provide transportation facility.

The school is not at all responsible for any mishap or accidents and nobody in writing or person can claim any kind of financial help. Proper understanding & cooperation is utmost essential and always expected from the parents as they required the facility of bus for their children and the school has rendered the helping hand towards them.

Guidelines for Transport

  • Parents/Guardians are requested to be present at the pick up point while the child is boarding the School bus in the morning and to receive him/her after the school gets over, especially for Sub Junior wing students to ensure the safety of their own child.
  • The bus will not wait for late comers. In case the school bus is late, kindly contact on the mobile phone which is available in the school bus.
  • All students are expected to be on the right side of their bus stops at least 5 mins. prior to the arrival time of the bus
  • Those Parents/Guardians who use their own mode of transport are requested to write an application to the school and give 2 photographs of the person who will bring the child to the school, and then receive him/her after the school time.
  • In case of change in pick up point or the person concerned to get and receive the child to and from the school, the Parents/Guardians are requested to intimate the school authorities in advance by submitting an application.
  • Parents/Guardians are requested to follow the rules of the School Transport and pay the Transport dues in time. Defaulters will not be picked up from their respective stops.
  • Parents should know the timing of the bus their stop & act accordingly
  • In case the child is late to school, get his/her name registered at the school gate office.
  • In the event of discontinuing the bus facility for any reason, one month’s prior notice or one month’s bus fees, in lieu thereof, must be deposited in the office, but it is not applicable in the months of Feb & March, (the two ending months of the session).
  • No student should get down at any other bus stop without the prior written permission of the Principal. Non-compliance may lead to withdrawal of the bus facility.
  • There will be no bus service on PTM days.
  • The students will be held responsible for any damage to buses caused by negligence or vandalism and should be ready to pay the fine as imposed according to the loss.